Workshop venue

Medical Foundation Building 

The workshop (17th - 18th July) will be held in the Medical Foundation Building.

The Medical Foundation Building  is home to the Diabetes and Islet Biology group and the Biomarkers Laboratory, both within the National Health and Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Centre (NHMRC-CTC)

Established in 1988, the NHMRC-CTC now has a diverse group of over 150 researchers. It has earned an outstanding reputation for its contribution to major advances in clinical care via high-quality clinical trials research.

Research within the Diabetes and Islet Biology laboratory is focused on understanding islet biology and the development of insulin-producing cells.  We work with cadaveric human pancreatic islets (obtained through Islet isolation centers in Sydney and Melbourne) as well as biliary duct and gallbladder-derived cells to gather information that would help us understand the development of insulin-producing cells.  Our previous studies using next generation sequencing of developing human pancreas using the SOLiD platform have provided insight to understanding the role of ncRNAs (specifically microRNAs) in development and differentiation of insulin-producing cells.  Present research projects involve applying this information to identify a signature of islet-enriched microRNAs as biomarkers of beta cell death and progression to type 1 diabetes.  In addition to these studies, other projects in the lab are focused on understanding the epigenetic modifications in insulin-producing cells in a unique model of multigeneration undernutrition.  These studies involve understanding the influence of diet, micronutrients, intrautetine programming and gut microbiota in development of central adiposity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.  

The Biomarkers and Vascular Biology laboratory led by Professor Alicia Jenkins carries out world class research in assessing over 900 different clinical biomarkers related to metabolic (including oxidative stress and inflammation) / vascular health and diabetes.  Together these laboratory facilities provide automated instrumentation for biomarker discovery and validation at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Center, University of Sydney.



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