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The final workshop program will be e-mailed directly to the selected candidates submitting an abstract and registering for the meeting.  By end of the two-day workshop, participants should have learned:

  1. RNA isolation from biofluids
  2. QC for spike-in controls
  3. RNA qual assessment (bioanalyzer / Qubit)
  4. microRNA Reverse-transcription and preamplification
  5. Nanofluidics arrays (OpenArray panels on QantStudio-12K)
  6. NGS-demonstration run
  7. Single cell PCR
  8. Analysis of OpenArray, single cell and NGS data.

At the end of the meeting, announcements will be made for the best participants and certificates/prizes announced.  For any further questions or to register your interest, please contact Anand: 0488 119 772 (